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February 2020

Data Backup, Dealing with “Dirty” Data – What’s It All Mean?

If an IT consultant told you that backing up data is one of the most important things for your technical team to do well, you’d probably nod in agreement. But what if they suggested that your dirty data requires cleaning prior to utilization? One simple adjective like “dirty” may give you pause, and there’s a handful of other terms about “data” that you may not recognize either.

Switching to Cloud Computing as a Small Business If you are a small business considering switching your storage and systems to cloud computing, you may be wondering if it’s the right decision for you. There are several benefits to cloud computing, including reduced costs, increased accessibility,...

What Does an Effective IT Strategy Begin With? Effective IT strategy begins with a deep look into business strategy. Most companies see IT as a necessity for performing operations. However, the right IT strategy doesn’t only support your daily to-dos; it also helps you more effectively...

Server virtualization and Its Importance Server virtualization is hardly a new technology. The practice became popular half a century ago with companies such as IBM and GE as the rapid evolution of applications began requiring time-sharing computers. From this technology, virtualization was quickly born. What is Server...

IT Project Outsourcing vs. Staff Augmentation: Pros & Cons While some aspects of a company’s IT needs to stay relatively steady such as monitoring systems, data backup, and network management, new or unexpected IT projects can bring a bulk of work all at once. When this...