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Outsourcing IT is sometimes seen as an IT management strategy for small companies to maximize the level of IT service they receive for as little cost as possible. While this is certainly a major benefit of outsourcing IT, it’s not the only reason companies—of all...

Get the Most Out of the Latest Tech Fads

Have you seen folks wandering around downtown, staring at their phone like it was a map pointing them to a pot of gold? Or ordering pizza over a Facebook chat conversation with an awkward cashier? With some creative marketing and structuring, your SMB could be on the other side of those people’s phones. Tech fads, even if they don’t last long, are a treasure trove of cheap new customers — if you know how to cheaply capitalize on these trends. Here are our five tips on how to achieve that.

Data loss is one of the biggest risks small- to medium-sized businesses face in their longevity and survival. With 93% of businesses experiencing major data losses going out of business within 5 years and 1 in 2 SMBs facing a cyberattack costing on average $149,000,...

Network Coverage is excited to announce its participation at TechJam on June 13. The event will take place at Boston’s City Hall Plaza from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Featuring live music, tech-based art, and a wide variety of eats, TechJam is a celebration connecting the...

The Difference Between Cloud and Hosted Services The difference between cloud and hosted services is the location of the servers running the service. “Hosted services” is the general term for technology services using infrastructure located outside the service receiver’s physical location. This can be at the...

Cybersecurity Threats for SMBs in 2019 An increasingly digital world has made it easier than ever to support small and mid-sized businesses. However, this technological convenience comes with a price. Cybersecurity threats not only put small to mid-sized businesses at risk of having information stolen or...

IT consultants are technology professionals who help design and execute a strategy for better leveraging technology in your company. This includes using technology to streamline operations, reduce challenges and risks associated with your company’s unique IT structure, or helping to improve security and ensure compliance. Implement...

With the sensitive data stored and communicated at law firms, it’s no wonder they’re often the target of cybersecurity threats. In the 2017 ABA Legal Technology Survey, it was released that 22% of law firms were hacked or experienced data breaches in 2017. This number was...

Many people feel they have an understanding of “managed services,” but find they struggle when asked to define it. What, exactly, are “managed services” anyway? What does it mean to receive managed services, and what does a managed services provider (MSP) do for you?   What are...