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Many sites we visit daily get hacked into by those who try to steal identities or credit card information or both. This causes severe issues with businesses who daily earn our trust, such as banks or hospitals, schools and regular apps we use for social...

Deciding what type of managed services required for your business takes some time to plan. Simple upkeep or a full suite of services, and anything in between are things that each company must take into consideration. Do you need networking and infrastructure? This can be setting...

How many times have you written that report or taken those amazing once in a lifetime pictures only to have your computer crash and then everything is lost forever? Starting all over with that report may be okay, but those pictures? Yikes! Fortunately, most people now...

With Artificial Intelligence making an entrance into our ever evolving daily life, it is worth taking a bit of time to talk about how security can be compromised when using a virtual machine. The last year or so has been filled with wild reports from various...

It turns out having your head in the clouds isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, it could be the best thing if you own a business or manage IT operations. We hear a lot about how information is being stored, accessed and analyzed using...

Without sufficient company-wide policies in regard to passwords, your business can be at great risk. The opportunities to take advantage of individuals within a business by gaining access to confidential information, company funds, and other accounts that contain sensitive material are increased.

A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a service added to your internet that lets you access the web privately and safely. It routes your connection through a server and hides your online actions. From a user perspective, once the VPN is started, the software encrypts data...

Having a good understanding of the ways attacks on firewalls that are not adequately secured will help stop your business from becoming a victim of malicious activity. Your network firewall is very similar to the front line of an army; it is the first part of your defense system that the hackers will encounter and attack initially. Any oversight on your part regarding your network security firewall and maintenance of your firewall will gives an opportunity to attack and gain access your business network.

You most likely have come across the term ‘security patch’ in your computer or other electronic devices that get software updates pushed to them as they become available.

At first glance, that word may not sound like a big deal, and often users will click the button to do the update later. However, telling the device or software to update later is all it takes for a hacker to gain access to that device as well as the network it is on.