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Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Services

Empowering Your Business with Data for Smarter, More Informed Strategic Decisions

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Services

Network Coverage knows that data is vital to making strategic decisions in your company. That is why we offer customized business intelligence solutions.

  • Developing a centralized business intelligence system. Integrate components from all internal and external data sources, convert that data into insights, and provide analytical processing and reporting.
  • Beautiful, easy-to-use business intelligence dashboard. Business intelligence reports that are easy to interpret and attractive to present.
  • Integrated data collection & reporting. We will make sure all of the important information from your different data points is being accurately aggregated so you can get accurate answers and insights on-the-fly.
  • ERP updates or implementation. ERPs can be complicated to set up and maintain. Let us take care of it for you to keep your ERP running smoothly.
  • Database administration. Whether you have specific industry regulations or need a better database to improve business operations, we can help.
  • Integrated technology. Business intelligence works best when it syndicates all of your business data automatically. We integrate your systems to make this work.

We can help you refine existing business intelligence systems, help implement or update ERP systems, or create a business intelligence system for you.

Cloud Business Intelligence Services

We love providing cloud business intelligence services to our clients. Not only is this solution incredibly flexible and scalable, but it also helps provide secure data analytics on-the-go and at an affordable price!

Learn more about our cloud business intelligence services by speaking with a Network Coverage representative today.

What are Business Intelligence Services?

Business Intelligence is the collection and analysis of business data to help inform more strategic business decisions. Business intelligence services are the tools and technology that help support the collection, analysis, reporting, database management, and syndication of data.

This includes:

  • Data collection & reporting
  • Dashboard development
  • ERP management
  • Database administration
  • Quality assurance processes
  • Performance reporting
  • Machine learning for forecasting
  • KPI development & reporting

With insightful business intelligence and data analytics, you can take your business strategy from “hoping for the best” to “knowing where you are and how to get where you want to go.”

Business intelligence is about more than keeping a pulse on your business operations. With the right tools and analytics, you can pinpoint problems before they become real issues, discover opportunities to help your business grow, and produce more informed budgets and forecasts for the future.

About Network Coverage

IT services custom-tailored for your business needs.

Why Partner with Network Coverage for your Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics Services?

Network Coverage was founded on the idea of using technology to better grow businesses. Unlike many IT companies who are founded by technology lovers, we are business-minded first. We build real, business-minded solutions that support your business goals and help your company grow.


One of the most important qualities of an effective business intelligence and data analytics system is for the information to be accurate. This means not only accuracy in the numbers provided, but also ensuring all relevant data points are included.


Business intelligence shouldn’t take double-entry or uploading/downloading data for cross-platform applications. We make sure your business intelligence platform runs smoothly so you always have access to the numbers you need when you need them.


While we get preferable pricing from our vendors, we are very conscious in remaining vendor agnostic. We don’t make partnerships, sales relationships, or other collaborations that sway many BI service providers. All of our systems and vendor recommendations are objective and unbiased to always make the best decision for your company.

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About Network Coverage

Network Coverage was developed with a mission to merge business strategy and IT expertise while providing the highest level of customer service available.

We believe in helping you find the right technology solutions for your business needs, and making the process as simple as possible for you and your organization.

Each strategy designed by our IT consulting team is custom-tailored to support your business strategy and to help you achieve your business goals faster. We always listen before we speak so we can thoroughly understand your business before we make any software or strategy recommendations.

For more information about our services or to schedule a free two-hour consultation, please contact us.

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