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How do you Access Sage Remotely?

Computer access has evolved a great deal over the years. It used to be that the only manner of operating a computer was to interact with the physical device directly. However, in recent years, with the development of internet technologies and software, computers can now be accessed and operated from seemingly limitless locations.

Remote access software offers many benefits. These advantages promote more efficient troubleshooting management and distance work for employees. Value may also be wrought from increasing workers’ ability to cooperate or access resources unavailable on an individual device.

Expansion of access to computers can commonly be rife with new and more extensive issues with security. Yet, remote access software has developed efficiently to mitigate security issues or provide new security features. Innovations to cloud-based technologies and virtual private networks (VPN) offer an enhanced capacity to provide protection when accessing devices from a distance.

Modern business operations now depend on these advanced and flexible resources to discover a competitive advantage. This article examines an understanding of remote access, the Sage company and software solutions, and the elements involved when accessing Sage remotely.

What is remote access?

Remote access software is a tool that permits a connection between computers from a distance.

Such remote access permits connection and operation from any location, assuming a reliable internet resource. This access can be used with any personal device or network. However, remote access is mainly implemented and designed for broader use in larger organizations. The software is especially useful for support technicians and employees in accessing their professional computers, networks, or documents remotely.

For example, suppose an employee does not possess needed documents on their personal computer. In that case, remote access allows the individual to connect with another work computer from any location to access the files available on that hard drive. A user can use the keyboard and mouse for navigation on the remotely accessed device. This remote software essentially turns the physical computer into the operational functions of the distant computer.

In most cases, remote access remains governed by the same permissions required to use any software. With permissions granted, a user can initiate numerous actions on the remotely accessed device. These actions may include accessing emails, browsers, fixing or installing software, or manipulating files. The benefits of such access are broad, but they are exceptionally viable for support technicians. A technician is not required to be in the same location as the device to manage issues, permitting the technician access from limitless locations globally.

What is Sage?

Sage is a company and industry leader in the provision of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. They are a global company servicing over 6 million businesses around the world. Originally designed to focus on accounting services, Sage now develops software specially designed to support business ventures with an extensive range of products. These products primarily encompass accounting, payroll, and human resource management. The company has also expanded beyond software to incorporate services that provide payment support and business management.

The software solutions from Sage can be a useful resource for various types of businesses. For one, a company experiencing an expansion of operations or volume may well be suited to Sage’s solutions. Software from Sage is well-designed to handle growth, adapting to changes in size and procedure that often accompany this process. Furthermore, Sage’s payroll services can be viable for retailers, contractors, suppliers, and numerous other industries that require prompt payment for products or services. Sage is also amply designed to support Human Resource processes if a company has expanded to need a department of this nature or to reduce administrative procedures.

How to access Sage remotely

Sage software is capable of being accessed remotely. This remote access traditionally refers to connecting with the Sage software between one computer and another from separate locations. Conventional ways to gain this remote access include terminal services, remote desktop connections, or a virtual private network (VPN).

Remotely accessing Sage software works in approximately the same manner as remote access in general. A computer can use remote access software to establish a connection with a distant device, and Sage’s software is compatible for use in this method. Nonetheless, Sage recommends considering the following factors when accessing their software remotely.

Sage suggests keeping in mind that performance may be affected when connecting to their software remotely. Accounts may run slower using the remote method. Additionally, to integrate Sage Accounts with other Sage software, each computer must have the Sage software installed on the same computer using Sage Accounts. Furthermore, integration with Microsoft Office necessitates installing the program on the same computer that is using Sage Accounts. In other words, both computers must have Microsoft Office installed for integration with Sage. This same principle applies to operating e-banking options. Even more, Sage points out that telephony auto-dial options are not available through the remotely connected computer. Further requirements for email and website usage should also be taken into consideration for remotely accessing Sage software.

It is also advised by Sage that a user does not require a new software license agreement to run their software solutions remotely. Even more, single-user copies of Sage Accounts can be run, but operations are limited to one person using the account at the same time. Likewise, multi-user versions of Sage Accounts can be accessed remotely; however, the same limitation of one user at a time also applies in this context.

Full details are available from Sage on their website.


The benefits of remotely accessing Sage can be critically beneficial. A company or enterprise stands to improve productivity, increase security, and ensure critical data is accessible.

Implementing and maintaining remote access tools for your business can be complicated and require support. Specialists at Network Coverage can assist in this essential and ongoing process.

For experienced advice and support on implementing and managing effective remote access tools, you can explore expert technology solutions for business strategy by setting up a consultation with Network Coverage.

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