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Customized and outsourced IT Service in Raleigh, North Carolina – helping your business connect to, protect, and serve your customers.

Outsourced IT Services in Raleigh

Our innovative and intuitive IT service in Raleigh, North Carolina provides solutions for your business’s needs. Having an in-house IT team isn’t a requirement thanks to our customizable outsourced IT services. Our team of IT professionals can respond quickly when duty calls. We’re available to deliver top-notch IT management using comprehensive strategies that are best suited to your business’s needs.

Whether your business is small, large, or somewhere in between, we can help you improve your system’s performance and reliability by implementing an affordable, carefully calculated plan of action. We can even provide services remotely, ensuring our response time is exceptionally fast. When you need an on-site service call, our IT professional support team will do all they can to prioritize your needs. We strive to provide timely, effective IT services in Raleigh, North Carolina while maintaining competitive rates.

If you’re currently facing IT challenges and need a hand, contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation or virtual IT assistance.

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Managed IT Services

There’s no need for in-house IT services when you can outsource the work for less. We’re a leading managed IT provider in Raleigh, North Carolina, and our services give you access to the perfect resources to improve your operations while cutting costs. Our experienced, certified IT professionals are some of the best in the industry, and we off 24/7/365 IT support and monitoring for your systems.

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Disaster Recovery Solutions

Accidents, theft, hacking, hardware failures, power failures, and natural disasters can paralyze your business. Stress less about what could happen during a disaster. Our automated network coverage backs up your data regularly without disrupting your workflow. When disaster strikes, data restoration is a simple task. We design systems that can have you back up and operational quickly. We’ll make you more resilient.

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IT Consulting

Your company’s productivity is a leading contributing factor to profitability. With the right plan, we can help you trim inefficiencies and boost performance and productivity. We rise above other managed IT providers in Raleigh, North Carolina thanks to our business strategizing background and training. As a result, we’re uniquely qualified to drive the change your business needs to succeed, and we’ll maintain that support long-term while you achieve your business goals.

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The benefits of virtualizing the networks of businesses large and small are apparent. Increased accessibility and speed means your business is more adaptable to change, more easily scalable, and more reliable. Virtualization is a strategic IT move with resounding impacts on your entire company. Our IT experts can consult with you virtually or on-site in Raleigh, North Carolina to customize a plan to virtualize your system and data backup and improve your business.

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Cloud Services

Internet and intranet technologies that reduce inefficiencies, make data recovery effortless and augment collaboration efforts.

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Network Security

Protecting your business’s files, data, and assets is of the highest priority to you and your clientele.

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Cloud-based hosted VOIP

Behold the power of cloud-based hosted VoIP that’s flexible, cost-effective, and always reliable.

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Network Support

Monitoring your network and performing maintenance and updates is no problem for our team.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security & Compliance

Cyber security is under threat now more than ever. We can help you comply with the law and keep your company safe from cyber threats and equipment failures while making recovery much faster.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics / Business Intelligence

Data analytics and reports can drive the growth and success of your business. Our data reporting, collection, and database administration services can help you make informed predictions and change how you do business.

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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Hiring an in-house team of IT, data, and security experts can be prohibitively expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. Outsource your IT needs and save money every time.

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IT Service in Raleigh, North Carolina

Outsource your IT services in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding area. Whether you need cyber security, network security services, cloud data backup, expert data analysis, or business IT services we’re here to help.

We understand that your technological capacity needs to expand to support your business goals and achievements. We’re a premier managed IT provider in Raleigh, North Carolina, and we specialize in providing services that can help you cut costs and inefficiencies and grow your capabilities intuitively. We inspect your system from top to bottom, looking for common problems that we see every day, like:

  • Outdated and unreliable systems
  • Unsecured systems that are left vulnerable to hacking and theft
  • No cloud backup of data that would be crippling to lose
  • Operations that unnecessarily perform redundancies, like double entry
  • Overworked and undersupported IT staff
  • Wasting time on low-priority tasks, like monitoring, that eat up time needed for high-level tasks
  • Overspending on in-house IT providers
  • Data loss and reliability issues
  • Business owners who got burned by in-house IT teams
  • Underperforming IT solutions that don’t support your business goals

Contact us today to schedule an on-site consultation with IT experts in Raleigh, North Carolina, and the surrounding area today!

Why Should You Choose Our Services?

Technology can dramatically change how you do business and what you spend your time doing. IT services should make your workday simpler, and using your tech solutions should be easy. If solutions aren’t working for you, we’ll customize a plan that does work for you. That’s right! We design and customize maintenance-free, intuitive tools and solutions that are right for you.

Software Agnostic

We’re committed to remaining an impartial provider of managed IT services. We know that if we partner with software companies the same way other managed IT providers do, we’ll lose our objectivity and flexibility. Rather than making a higher profit by selling someone else’s software to you, we make objective decisions based on your needs and the actual best solution for you. We aren’t affiliates for any software company. We put you first.

Business Strategy First

We have a stand-out business background. Thanks to our experience in running a business, we’re able to better understand what it takes to make it work every day. It’s not easy. We get it, and we can help. We’re here to build a custom IT solution strategy around supporting everything you do to keep the doors open and your business in the black.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Running a business is hard enough without paying extra fees and surcharges every time you turn around. Unlike our competitors, we don’t add huge markups on services that shouldn’t be that expensive, to begin with. We don’t pad invoices or charge for things you don’t get or need. Our fees are predictable, flat, and pleasantly affordable.


Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Network Coverage. Our IT experts will work with you to understand your challenges and goals. Then we will look at your infrastructure, cloud environment, and data setup. Let us help you analyze which existing systems can be utilized, which can be improved, and which should be upgraded to maximize effectiveness while minimizing costs.


Network Coverage understands that technologies continue to evolve and your business has to keep up to stay ahead of the competition. Data management and security are vital to your daily operations. Live experts are just a call or chat away when you need us most. We can help you solve the issue quickly so you can keep your business moving. On the rare occasion that you have a question that our phone support can’t answer, we promise that an experienced technician will call you back with help within an hour or the problem resolution is free of charge.

If the issue your business is facing is particularly complex, we can usually save a service call to your business by accessing your computer via remote access. If that fails, we’ll come to you as quickly as possible.

Some clients feel foolish or ignorant asking our support staff questions about technologies they don’t understand. There are no stupid questions here. You specialize in your field, and that’s why you’re in that business. We specialize in our field, and that’s why we’re in this business. No one is an expert in everything, so don’t be afraid to ask what you need to know.

Never Outsourced—Friendly US-Based Information Technology (IT) Staff

Network Coverage is committed to providing the best experts in the IT field to help serve our clients at an affordable price. Our IT experts are based on-site ate our home offices in the United States. They are handpicked for their experience, knowledge, and expertise. We never outsource our services to call centers or overseas teams.