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Deciding whether managed IT services or IT consulting is right for your company depends on the capabilities of your current IT team and the state of your existing technology. IT consulting includes an external company auditing your current technology and providing recommendations and strategies for improving it.

In contrast, managed IT services help companies streamline their existing IT strategy. Managed IT services often include monitoring critical systems and increasing network security while augmenting the existing IT team’s work. Managed IT service companies are often hired to oversee repetitive, mundane, or time-consuming tasks so the in-house IT team can focus on IT strategies that drive higher value for the company.

What is the Difference Between IT Consulting & Managed IT?

The difference between IT services and IT consulting is who executes the IT strategy. In managed IT services, an outsourced IT company does some or all of the work of implementing and/or managing the company’s existing IT strategy. In IT consulting, the consulting company provides strategy, advice, & training while a second team (usually in-house) provides the implements, executes, & maintains.

How to Know Whether Managed IT Services or IT Consulting is Right for Your Business

When you’re deciding whether to utilize managed it services or IT consulting, you will want to consider the following:

  • Team: What existing team do you have in place? Does your team have the capability to handle your current IT needs or are there aspects of your IT that are currently falling through the cracks?
  • IT Strategy: How is your current IT strategy? Do you and other decision-makers have confidence in your current IT systems and management?
  • Needs: With your current IT needs, do you simply need more hands-on-deck or do you need IT direction, strategy, and confidence?

Do you have an in-house IT team?

If you don’t currently have an in-house IT team then you will most likely benefit from managed IT services. Managed IT services can be a less expensive and less complicated way to manage your IT needs. Managed IT services can provide basic monitoring and security to dynamic support and strategy. Learn more about managed IT services.

Do you have more than one IT person on your in-house team?

If you currently have limited IT resources, you may benefit from both managed IT services and IT consulting. In limited IT teams, it can be common for teams to feel overwhelmed or understaffed. It can also be common to lack diversity in experience and knowledge. Companies with limited IT resources can benefit from augmenting their existing IT resources with managed IT services to free up their current team members’ time without making an additional in-house hire. In addition, IT consulting can help bring a stronger IT strategy to the company while filling in knowledge gaps. Also ref. Staff Augmentation (for temporary IT staffing support).

Do you feel confident in your current IT systems and technology?

If you are currently wondering whether your systems or technology are out of date, you may benefit from IT consulting. It is not uncommon for a growing company to find their current IT needs could use additional expertise and insight. IT consulting can bring more options, solutions, and strategies to the table to maximize your existing IT resources and prepare the company for future growth and needs.

Do you lack faith in your current IT team?

Sometimes companies are unsure whether or not they have the right IT professionals in the right roles in their business. In these cases, IT consulting can not only ensure you have the proper systems and technology in place to support your company but also that you have the internal IT team to do so. IT consulting services can include training or re-training your in-house team, helping with internal IT team restructuring, or helping bring in new in-house experts when needed.

What is your budget?

If you currently have an in-house capable of handling your IT needs but lack strategic direction and expertise, then an IT consultant will be far cheaper than hiring a full-time CTO. If you currently have a young or inexperienced CTO who needs extra strategy and training, an IT consultant can help provide training, coaching, and strategy instead of sending you back to the drawing board for a new, potentially more expensive hire.

If you currently have an in-house IT expert or a team capable of handling strategic decisions but have exceeded their existing bandwidth, you will likely benefit from managed IT services. With managed IT services, an outsourced IT team handles many of the repetitive, mundane, or monitoring-intensive tasks. This can free up the time of your existing IT staff so they can focus on more important aspects of your company’s IT. Using managed services to augment your IT team can be a great way to prevent having to make one or multiple full-time in-house hires.

How can we help?

Network Coverage offers managed IT services as well as IT consulting. Whether you’re looking to augment your existing team, improve your IT strategy, or have all of your IT needs managed by a reliable company, Network Coverage is here to help. Let us discuss how we can make your technology work better for you. Schedule a free consultation today!

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