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Help businesses increase productivity and profitability by making IT a streamlined part of operations. 

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Internal IT Team Augmentation / Staff Augmentation

Expand Your Team Without the Expense of Traditional Hires

Managing Enterprise Security, Data, & Networks so Your Team can Focus on What They Do Best

Between salaries, benefits, and bonuses, in-house IT professionals cost a lot of money. Are you wasting their expertise on mundane tasks such as network monitoring, data backup and recovery, systems management, patching etc and not
having time for projects?

Augmenting your existing IT resources improves performance, reduces costs, and frees up resources so your IT team can focus on helping your company grow.

Outsource Your Team

  • Outsource parts of your team for cost savings and efficiency gains.
  • Leverage our 24/7 Network and Security Operations Centers to provide the peace of mind required to operate your business.
  • Utilize our help desk augmentation services to add staffing when needed (staff vacations, maternity leave, busy seasons, etc.)

5 Benefits of Outsourcing IT Services

  1.  Reduce Operating Costs.
    Outsourced IT services cost a fraction of an in-house team
    while eliminating costs such as recruiting, training, health
    insurance, retirement benefits, etc.
  2. Benefit from Collective Expertise.
    Benefit from the expertise of an entire team of
    professional technicians and engineers instead of relying
    on a single individual.
  3. Access an On-Call Support Team.
    Receive 24/7/365 monitoring and round-the-clock support
    with a team that will never leave you hanging.
  4. Achieve the Best & Latest Technology.
    Our success depends on having the best, most up-to-date
    information, products, opportunities, and services.
  5. Minimize Overhead Costs.
    Minimize costs by taking advantage of our bulk purchasing,
    lease options for hardware and software,

Receive Access to a Full Team of Expert Engineers with over
750 years of combined experience & Technicians for
Less than the Cost of a Single In-House Hire

About Network Coverage

IT services custom-tailored to fit your business needs.
Disaster Recovery Services, Network Security, Managed IT, Cloud Services, and more…

About Network Coverage

Network Coverage specializes in expert technology with a significant dose of business knowhow. As IT experts with experience in business management, we know that IT isn’t one-size-fits-all. All of our solutions are customized by our expert IT team to fit your company’s specific needs and challenges.

Network Coverage offers free, no-obligation consultations. To schedule a free data and recovery consultation, contact us. We’ll have one of our data experts analyze your existing systems, potential threats, and let you know how your existing systems would hold up to a potential data disaster.

The Guide to IT Support & Fees

What are other businesses paying for IT support services?
Learn what to pay and how to get exactly what you need without unnecessary extras, fees, or bloated contracts.