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Network Coverage provides outsourced IT solutions for businesses in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area for any sized business.

Custom IT Services For Salt Lake City

Network Coverage has been providing custom-managed IT services for businesses in Salt Lake City since 1996. We’ve been at the forefront of IT development and advances, and we use our expertise and experience to deliver industry-leading IT solutions for our clients.

With a professional team of IT experts and niche specialists, NetCov provides virtual IT management to support your daily operations, plus on-site support to troubleshoot problems, upgrade your infrastructure, or complete the installation of new hardware or software. If your business performance or customer service capabilities are struggling because of your software or IT infrastructure, we can help. Schedule a personalized consultation with one of our business development experts.

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Managed IT Services

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) offers remote IT services for businesses, reducing their need to have a large in-house IT department. This decreases the expenses of smaller businesses while providing them the same expertise and breadth of service that major enterprises have. We provide 24-7 365 monitoring and support for all your IT needs.

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Network Security

Protect yourself from the latest threats with leading-edge security from network security experts. We protect you against incursions that can damage files, devices, and entire networks.

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IT Consulting

Avoid IT challenges and service delays with the right IT solutions. Unlike other IT management service providers, NetCov experts also have backgrounds in business, making us more well-rounded for insightful IT consultations. We create custom solutions after a thorough analysis of your business’s goals and purpose. We also evaluate the existing infrastructure to determine if it can aid in your goals. All our custom-designed systems are scalable, allowing for business growth. We have both virtual and on-site consultations for our Salt Lake City clients.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics / Business Intelligence

Data collection can give you smart insight into your business, from user behavior to customer preferences. Our data collection service can help you hone your niche and get up-to-date information about your customers and employees.

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Cloud Services

Do you want to incorporate cloud-based systems, but you don’t know where to start? This can help increase collaboration between teams and improve access for remote workers.

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Disaster Recovery

No matter the reason for data loss, whether it’s a natural disaster, malicious incursion, or system failure, rest easy knowing that NetCov backs up all your data regularly, separate from your main system. We use automatic backup procedures that don’t interfere with the operations of your business, so there’s no interruption of your daily activity.

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Cloud-based hosted VOIP

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) communication is reliable, fast communication using your company cloud, affordable, flexible, and most of all, safe.

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Network Support

Around-the-clock support, 365 days of the year, ensures that your business’s network is protected, including threat protection, motoring and maintenance, and routing updates.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security & Compliance

Protect your company & accelerate recovery from cyberthreats or equipment failure.

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Increase the speed and flexibility of business operations no matter how large or small your company is. Virtual access for your IT system allows you to manage dynamically, both on the go and remotely. It can also help you manage distant teams and a remote workforce. Virtualization can improve your profits and efficiency.

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Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Expand your team without the expense of traditional hires.
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Utah IT Services Offered by Network Coverage

Solve many common problems for businesses, from secure, fast data backup to network security ware of current threats to streamlined communications with the services from Network Coverage. We provide the tools for fast collaboration and incorporate leading-edge technology to help you achieve your business goals.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • An unreliable system or outdated IT
  • You’ve been a victim of malware or ransomware, or you’ve had network incursions.
  • Outdated technology or lack of staff training leave your system vulnerable
  • You need cloud-based solutions but aren’t sure where to start
  • Your system requires repeat procedures or double-entry access
  • Your current IT team spends valuable time completing redundant tasks or monitoring the system and can’t fulfill your higher technology needs
  • Your current IT support isn’t efficient because of lack of training or time constraints
  • You need to lower your IT expenditure without losing expertise or reliability. Or, you’re spending too much with the technology department you currently have
  • You can’t seem to find the right fit for an IT worker, and it’s left you with a lack of confidence in your hiring
  • Your technology systems can’t advance your business goals

Whether you have one need or ten, Network Coverage is your Salt Lake City IT solution. Book your personalized consultation today.

Why Is Network Coverage the Best For Your Needs?

We have a straightforward approach to IT systems and support. Our mission is to provide your clients the most reliable, most knowledgeable systems, on-the-minute support, and niche specialty experts that you may not be able to hire full-time. We provide custom-designed solutions from IT experts with a business background. We help you automate tasks, improve communication with teams or your customers, and integrate with your existing industry-specific software.

Simple, Affordable Pricing

Transparent pricing and a fair, flat fee are how we do business. You won’t have padded invoices or unexpected fees from Network Coverage.

Software Agnostic

Network Coverage isn’t affiliated with any specific software program, nor are we contracted to promote a specific system. Our clients benefit from our unbiased assessment and recommendations for their unique needs.

Business Strategy First

We look at your business strategy first and then develop the right IT solutions to help you achieve it. Our consulting specialists have business backgrounds and incorporate the industry-leading technology you need.

Schedule Your Salt Lake City, UT, On-Site Consultation!

Choose virtual or on-site consultations from NetCov for Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discover how our expertise and custom technology solutions can help you grow through more effective operations.


Simply fill out this online form to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with a Network Coverage business and IT professional. We work with you to determine the needs of your business as well as your challenges and goals. Part of our process includes analyzing which systems work and which need a simple upgrade, or even a replacement. Then, we make recommendations for replacement, with an eye towards reducing costs while boosting effectiveness.


Network Coverage knows that technology is important to most daily business operations. It’s also important for data management and security. We are committed to making sure that you can reach a live expert and have your issues or questions resolved as quickly as possible. When you phone in, our support teams can almost always answer your questions during your first call. If not, we will have an experienced tech call you back within 60 minutes. If for some reason our response time takes longer than an hour we will always resolve your problem for free.

There are no “dumb” questions at Network Coverage; there are only challenges that we are committed to helping you resolve. When you work with us, you’ll always get a clear answer without jargon or technical talk from our experts. We vow to speak clearly, concisely, and respectfully in answering your questions and helping resolve your challenges.

Do you want a little extra help? With your approval, our technicians can also log into your computer via remote access to help resolve issues for you.

We believe in merging IT expertise with your unique business goals and strategy. Our IT solutions aim to support your short- and long-term business goals in the most effective ways possible. We believe with the right tools (and tool management), information technology can help you achieve business growth and success faster.

Never Outsourced—Friendly US-Based Information Technology (IT) Staff

Network Coverage is committed to providing the best experts in the IT field to help serve our clients at an affordable price. Our IT experts are based on-site ate our home offices in the United States. They are handpicked for their experience, knowledge, and expertise. We never outsource our services to call centers or overseas teams.