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Using a VPN to Score Discount Plane Tickets While Improving Your Online Experience

Going on a trip is expensive, and one of the biggest expenses can often be the plane tickets to get there and back. But there’s nothing you can do about that. Or is there? Using a VPN could be just what you need to get better pricing on your next vacation.


What is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, disguises your computer when you go on the Internet. If you access the Internet from a computer without a VPN all of your activity is tracked and easily traceable to you. With a VPN, however, your activity is masked, providing you with the anonymity you need for things like buying plane tickets.


Why a VPN Matters When Buying Tickets

If you have ever priced out a vacation one day and then gone back to see that the prices are more expensive the next day or a week down the road, you have experienced the need for a VPN firsthand, but you may not have realized it. That’s because not enough people know the benefits of a VPN or assume it’s only for people doing something ‘shady.’

A VPN is important for anyone because it keeps you from getting gouged on pricing. With airlines, there are two different ways that you could end up with higher pricing. The first is that the website sees your IP address when you search for your tickets. Then, when you come back another day, it recognizes that same IP address and your pricing may increase.

The idea is to convince you to buy now before the price increases again. (Which it will if you decide to come back yet another day down the road.) While deceptive and unfair to you, this isn’t the only way that ticket prices change.

Tickets also cost different amounts based on where you’re coming from. Now, this is obvious if you’re buying a flight from Orlando, Florida to Tampa, Florida versus a ticket from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida. But if you’re in Michigan buying that ticket from Los Angeles to Orlando, the price might be different than if you’re in Washington and buying the same ticket. And for no good reason.

Using a VPN can hide your location, but you can also set your location to wherever you choose. Trying out different locations with your VPN can help you find the lowest price for your plane tickets so you can save that money for something you want to do when you get there.


Using a VPN to Save Money and Improve Your Online Experience

It’s not just about buying cheaper plane tickets. Using a VPN can help you save money on other things that might have location-based pricing as well. Setting your VPN to a location that’s at least within the same country as the company you’re looking to buy from will help you get those discounted prices.

Also, a VPN can improve your overall experience online by giving you access to content you might not otherwise get. Some regions and countries ban different websites, movies on your favorite streaming platforms, and more. By using a VPN you can change your location to a place that doesn’t have those restrictions and enjoy at your leisure.

On top of this, there are plenty of legitimate reasons you may not want your location and personal information to be tracked. It’s not just about ‘shady stuff.’ It’s about being comfortable using your computer and your Internet the way you want. Protecting your identity and your data isn’t ‘shady’; it’s smart.

What does all this mean for you? It means you should look into a VPN no matter where you live and no matter what you’re doing online, especially if you’re planning a vacation.


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