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The market for software solutions has experienced significant growth in recent years. An expanding array of options and opportunities has produced an environment that depends on collaboration. Existing software platforms are consistently focusing on offering integration capacities with a variety of different software solutions.

Now serving more than 6 million businesses worldwide, Sage is a market leader for accounting, payroll, and payment systems. However, the company offers numerous services. Sage also provides HR software, business intelligence, supply chain management, and more. As a result, integrating with Sage has become a priority for many project management platforms.

Inasmuch, a wide array of project management software tools now provide integration with various Sage products. Companies offering project management solutions range from service and professional industries to construction, architecture, and engineering providers. Some of the most popular integrations involve Sage Intacct, Sage 300 CRE, and Sage Timberline.

This article offers a list of some of the options for companies that provide project management platforms that offer integration opportunities with a broad set of Sage products.

Project Management Solutions that Integrate with Sage

The suite of software and service solutions offered by Sage has become extensive and far-reaching. As Sage has grown into a global influence as a company, it has become a priority for many project management platforms to provide integration with Sage software.

Below is a partial list of project management solutions that offer integration with various Sage products.


Mavenlink began with a vision to simplify operations for service businesses. The company now offers enterprise-class SaaS solutions that support service organizations. A suite of products gives resources for projects, financials, collaboration, resource management, and business intelligence.

Cloud-based project delivery solutions from the company integrate with Sage Intacct ERP solution. They provide project management and resource management platforms that seamlessly integrate with a business’s existing process for syncing project activity, accelerating cash collection and forecasting revenue.


BigTime Software was founded to help professional service firms run more efficiently and improve profitability in the knowledge economy. The company’s primary offering is a SaaS-based system that is specialized for the professional service industry. This system is specifically designed to support accounting, architecture, engineering, consulting, creative, government contracting, IT services, and law firms.

The company offers an official Sage Intacct application that provides integration for data migration, submittable timesheets, invoices, and payments.


KeyedIn’s purpose is to provide more effortless and more refined solutions for business processes through improvements to efficiency and productivity. While automating project management and service delivery workflows, its SaaS solution includes project portfolio management and professional services.

Integration between KeyedIn Projects and Sage Intacct allows for clarity into an organization’s project portfolio’s financial impact. The Sage integration also permits time and expense data to be captured for the goal of financial reporting.


Replicon specializes in time tracking applications to increase productivity, improve project visibility, eliminate revenue leakage, and maintain labor compliance. The company’s project management tools are designed to support managing project hours and costs, tracking project hours and expenses, and overseeing paid time off.

These various project management resources integrate with Sage Financials to allow the transfer of accounts, opportunities, and users. Once the connection with Sage has been established, Replicon’s services can plan work, track progress, and bill clients.


InEight offers construction project management software for owners, contractors, engineers, and architects. The insights from the company’s solutions help manage risk while scheduling projects and managing budgets. Project management services include planning, scheduling, risk, project costs, field execution management, and collaborative document management.

Software products from InEight provide integration with Sage 300+ and Sage Timberline. This integration with Sage 300+ allows for sending jobs, estimates, and field data. Integrations with Sage Timberline also permits sending jobs and estimates to Sage using a flexible GUI and user customization.


Procore offers a suite of project management tools that serve various types of construction projects. These projects include industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more. The company’s project management resources focus on communication, access to accurate information, and project visibility.

Comprehensive cloud-based construction project management platforms provide integration with Sage 300 CRE. Procore’s project management solution imports myriad data from the Sage solution. Some of those data points include job codes and categories, estimates, commitments, costs, and contracts.


RedTeam identifies as a construction collaboration platform for managing projects on and off the service field. The company’s numerous solutions focus on project management, financials, and field management. Project management tools from RedTeam assist in the management of plans, workflows, scheduling, and documents.

Connection to Sage 300 CRE is available with RedTeam tools. Integration focuses on providing information for project management, vendor commitments, job costs, customer contracts, A/R and A/P transactions, and workflows authorization.


The benefits of integrating existing project management tools with Sage software can be critically beneficial. A company or enterprise stands to improve productivity, increase security, and ensure critical data is accessible.

For experienced advice and support on implementing and managing effective software integrations, you can explore expert technology solutions for business strategy by setting up a consultation with Network Coverage.

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