Phishing 101: Identifying and Protecting Against Email Scams

As phishing scams grow less transparent by the day, being on high alert for malicious emails meticulously masked as trustworthy items in your inbox has become of immeasurable importance. (more…)

Network Coverage Honored with “Above & Beyond the Call of Duty” Award From McCue Corporation

Network Coverage was honored with another award this year, this time by one of our newer clients in McCue Corporation. McCue is a manufacturer of “Total Damage Prevention” products for warehouses and large brick-and-mortar retail facilities such as Walmart, Home Deport, ALDI, and nearly every grocery store chain in the United States. They create carriage corrals, shopping carts, inventory protection systems, and much much more. (more…)

New Features and Changes for your iPhone and iPad with Apple’s Latest Software Release

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome in fall, we say hello to another update to Apple’s mobile operating system.

Apple has been hard at work over the last year to bring us some really compelling features and improvements over the previous version. While you’ve probably seen the latest emoji updates, don’t worry; we won’t be talking about that here. In this article, the team at Network Coverage will share with you the 5 biggest reasons we immediately upgraded to iOS 11. (more…)