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Network Coverage is proud to announce that the company placed 55th on Channel Futures MSP 501 list for 2024, ranking among the top managed service providers across the globe.   Channel Futures recognizes “the best IT service providers that are helping customers increase the value of their businesses through technology.”   “It is truly our […]

Network Coverage is excited to share that we finished as a 2024 XCellence Award finalist in multiple categories at the Midsize Enterprise Summit (MES) Spring conference, hosted by The Channel Company in Orlando.   In addition to Network Coverage’s Alex Joy and Bridget Wilson being named finalists for Best Solution Provider, NetCov was also a […]

Network Coverage has a trio of exciting announcements to share, all of which mark a major step forward for the company. NetCov acquires MadWolf Technologies and The Lloyd Group Network Coverage officially announced two acquisitions on Monday morning: Washington, D.C.-based MadWolf Technologies and New York City-based The Lloyd Group.   In conjunction with NetCov’s July […]

As cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, the demand for robust privacy and security measures has reached an all-time high. Industries, corporations, and individual users are in a relentless quest to protect their sensitive data from breaches, unauthorized access, and leaks. Enter edge computing: an innovative approach to data processing that’s rapidly gaining traction. […]

The stakes for application security have never been higher. With cyber threats constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, the need for robust defense mechanisms is paramount. Enter containerization—a revolutionary approach that has emerged as a game-changer for application security. Beyond merely being a development and deployment tool, containerization provides a protective cocoon, enhancing the fortitude […]

Rental Management wrote a great piece entitled “Cybersecurity: Safeguarding against growing threats.” A summary of the article: The average ransom demanded by cybercriminals increased by 20% to $1.8 million in 2021, with data breaches increasing by 68% compared to the previous year. Personally identifiable information breaches also increased from 80 to 83%. Bridget Wilson, the […]

We live in a world where digital data is increasingly valuable and vulnerable to malicious attacks. Cybersecurity has become an essential part of our lives but still leaves gaps for criminals to exploit. As technology advances, so do the strategies needed to protect our data and prevent cybercrime. Blockchain technology is one such development that can […]

The innovative technology of blockchain is becoming increasingly important in businesses worldwide. Small and large businesses are also looking to capitalize on this revolutionary technology to manage their operations better and stay ahead of the competition. To better understand the potential of blockchain, we need to start by explaining its basics and how it works. What […]

Top Phishing Scams of 2022 Phishing remains the most popular cybercrime suffered by U.S. businesses and individuals. The criminals typically use social engineering to trick victims into giving out sensitive information by masquerading as a trusted source. They then use or sell the information to enrich themselves or plan a more sophisticated scam. Luckily, most […]

Digital privacy is becoming a growing concern and people are waking up to how their personal data is being exploited by unrelenting marketing companies and cyber criminals. In general, all online activity is tracked and often sold to marketing giants who profit from it—and it’s not just marketing companies who use your data. Scandals are […]