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Chain businesses are a significant part of our world now. This includes businesses with multiple public locations, like McDonald’s and Target, as well as those with fewer public locations, like Amazon. Having so many sites, however, means a great deal of communication happens outside one specific building. That information must reach different facilities and sometimes […]

When it comes to IT, there’s a day and an age for everything. Remember when we thought it would never get better than dial-up internet? How about when we got hard drives with one gig of storage space? Or when we created a DVD player that could go in the car? In their times, those […]

Technology has always been a rapidly developing career path for those that choose to follow it. IT jobs have exploded beyond our wildest imagination since the onset of the computer en masse and the introduction of the Internet. With that comes the challenge of building out strong teams that can cater to many ongoing functions […]

There is no denying that data centers are an integral part of our technology and data-driven future. One of the biggest concerns is the number of greenhouse gases produced from such large-scale energy requirements needed to power these behemoth meccas of data. Because of data center sizes, they require an enormous amount of electricity to […]

There are mini investments that produce healthy returns and create both enormous tax revenue and new jobs. A few of them are as repeatably successful as the modern data center. According to a recent U.S Chamber of Commerce report, the average economic impact for a data center is approximately $32.5 million. This report also shows […]

In the movie Focus, Will Smith stars as Nicky, a clever conman who uses the power of social engineering to strategically remove valuables from his completely unsuspecting victims while also training Margot Robbie (Jess) how to be a better con artist. While dancing in the street, Jess flirts with a man while keeping him distracted […]

IT consultants are technology professionals who help design and execute a strategy for better leveraging technology in your company. This includes using technology to streamline operations, reduce challenges and risks associated with your company’s unique IT structure, or help to improve security and ensure compliance. Implement the Right Software & Technology Your IT consultant will […]

The sole act of keeping and maintaining data backups is one of the most important things a business can do. This is true no matter what size a business is or what industry they reside in. But with the rise of ransomware attacks, it’s only a matter of time until cybercriminals target those backups along […]

Foreign Threats on American Networks “The war with Russia” hearkens back to the days of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Back during the 1950s, students in schools all across America were trained to practice ‘Duck and Cover’ drills — there was even a catchy little jingle that played on the radio that attempted […]

Best Small Business Data Strategy As the threat of cyberattacks grows, protecting sensitive business data is important. For small businesses, the stakes are even higher in some ways than for larger businesses. This is because small businesses often lack the necessity or budget to outfit their company with sophisticated cyber security solutions in the same […]