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Cyber Security: Past, Present, and Future In “technology time”, a few months is the difference between bleeding edge and obsolesce — at least that’s the running joke. Truthfully, technology is advancing at record a feverish pace, and with that rapid innovation comes the need for better protection against technological attacks that maintain that same rate […]

Avoiding Non-Criminal Data Loss There are lots of things that get lost in life — keys, wallets, top-secret security thumb drives — but aside from that last one, as a business, data loss is the most painful. And while NetCov is a cybersecurity company, we’re also a data protection company; unfortunately, not all data loss […]

DCIM Software Implementation Best Practices Building a data center is a very involved process. From building materials to air management, there are a lot of physical comments that need to be managed. Beyond that, all of those pieces of technology — servers, firewalls, networking cables, and other supporting infrastructure — all have to be managed.  […]

Reduce Vulnerabilities With Patch Management Ask any IT team what the fastest way to a critical system failure is and the answers will vary. “We need protection against cyberattacks,” or, ”Firewall vulnerabilities present the biggest dangers.” And they’re all correct. But despite these different answers, a likely “duh” that everyone will share is software updates. […]

How to Secure Your VoIP Over the last decade or so, VoIP phones have almost completely replaced the landlines of old, mainly due to ease of access, vast feature sets, and usually a [much lower overall cost]. And with the rise of mobile smart devices, there’s certainly no shortage of devices that are capable of […]

Understanding The NIST Cybersecurity Framework During the past three decades, since the advent of the internet, our technological evolution has witnessed dramatic development. This shift has permanently altered the landscape of our communication, economies, and business operations. Across this changing environment, businesses have consistently encountered cybersecurity threats. And in this past year, with the COVID-19 […]

What is a Virtual Private Network – (VPN)? A VPN, Virtual Private Network, is a service added to your internet that lets you access the web privately and safely. It routes your connection through a server and hides your online actions. From a user perspective, once the VPN is started, the software encrypts data before […]

Creating an Effective IT Strategy Effective IT strategy begins with a deep look into business strategy. Most companies see IT as a necessity for performing operations. However, the right IT strategy doesn’t only support your daily to-dos; it also helps you more effectively achieve your business goals. When you are designing an effective IT business […]

How do you Access Sage Remotely? Computer access has evolved a great deal over the years. It used to be that the only manner of operating a computer was to interact with the physical device directly. However, in recent years, with the development of internet technologies and software, computers can now be accessed and operated […]

There is no doubt about the massive popularity surrounding software-as-a-service, commonly referred to as SaaS. Estimates state that nearly nine of every ten businesses are using some variation of SaaS applications. And the growth is unlikely to slow. Further estimations on the ubiquity of SaaS for cloud-based workloads forecast a dominating three-quarter of the overall […]